Promoter Guide

Technical Specifications

Ceiling Height

Maximum 27 ft clearance from floor to structural support beams. See rigging plot for actual distances between beams and load allowance.


Truck Entrance

One entrance door: off of a four-bay loading dock equipped with dock plates, and one elephant door large enough to allow trucks to drive in with a 20’ clearance.


*Layout Capacity (Maximum) Full Arena, No Stage 6,663

  • End Stage Seated 5,669
  • Center Stage Seated 7,743
  • Half House Seated 3,856
  • Club Seats 234

Floor- 93’ x 205’ concrete, 85’ x 200’ with dashers for hockey
Unlimited weight load on concrete
Height to low steel: 43’
Height to high steel: 56’


  • Arena is equipped with DesChamps dehumidification system
  • Permanent ice floor and ice hockey facilities.
  • All spots are connected to a Clear-com intercom system.
  • There are eight Xenon Supertrouper follow spots.
  • The facility owns five 5,000 lb. forklifts.

Corporate Hospitality

Club room available for corporate events with the ability to host 100 people.
The Executive Perch overlooks the full arena and has capacity of 50 people,
Comcast cable HD flat screen monitors in the bar and club room.

Stage Construction

  • Stage Right ME3750 rolling stage (Maximum size is 80ft x 40ft, at 6ft high)
  • PA wings of up to 12ft x 24ft.
  • Mixer platform will be built to specifications with in the limitations of the event set up and space allowance.

Electrical Power

  • 2-400 Amp, 3-phase panels behind Sec. 6
  • 1-200 Amp, 3-phase panel behind Sec 8
    – These are dedicated supplies and approximately 150’ from upstage center
  • 1-400 Amp, 3-phase panel behind Sec. 11
    – Non-dedicated supplies and approximately 100’ from upstage center
  • 1-400 Amp, 3-phase panel behind Sec. 15
    – Dedicated supply and approximately 150’ from upstage center
  • 1-200 Amp, 3-phase panel behind Sec 19
    – Dedicated supply and approximately 250’ from upstage center


House Lights

  • 12 Quartz Lights on each side
  • 78 Metal Halide 1000w lamps over floor
  • 8 Sodium vapor work lights

Metal Halide and Sodium Vapor lamps take approximately 5-7 minutes to reach full Illumination after they have been shut down for a minimum of 15 minutes. Quartz light comes up instantly. 8 Super Trouper Xenon spotlights are in permanent perches around arena. Spotlights can be moved from perch to perch to accommodate all shows.

Dressing Rooms/Production Offices

  • 4 large team dressing/locker rooms all with toilet and shower facilities.
  • 3 smaller star type dressing rooms all with toilet and shower facilities
  • Telephone & data points available upon request


Full PA system available with audio cassette and CD playback available


The facility has a four sided Colloseo scoreboard with a video panel on each side. There is a full production room to process video and graphics for the board. The facility owns three video cameras for use with the scoreboard.


There are many sales points plus options for several portable stands on the main concourse level. 

Backstage catering – kitchen, preparation, serving & eating areas can be arranged through  Frankie Lacivita, Catering Manager, at 413.271.3254 or [email protected] 

Parking & Transportation

There is no parking lot on site. At the facility, we do have a four bay truck dock to unload all shows. We do park vehicles along side the facility on the public street by permitting for use of the roadway.


Rigging plans should be submitted to the Operations Department for approval. PDF files of the arena rigging plots are available at the request from the promoter.

Box Office

Advance booking office with dedicated box office manager at the Arena. All tickets are sold through our Spectra Ticketing system. There are a total of 6 event sales windows. All windows accept credit cards. All box office inquiries should be directed Peter Colon, Ticketing Operations Manager, at 413.271.3228. 


  • House security – 24 hour security in house.
  • Event Stewarding – in house. CCTV – Substantial coverage throughout the Arena & external areas. Additional security arrangements can be made through Chris Dion, Public Safety Manager, at 413.271.3257.


Merchandise locations can be discussed with the Arena Concessions Manager, Chris Hayes.  He can be reached at 413.271.3250.


For all public events, an EMT will be on site. Medical facilities (doctor, dentist, chiropractor, and masseur) can be arranged in advance, or to be on site in an emergency.


Passenger elevators are located adjacent to the main lobby with access to ground level, concourse level and upper level seating and press boxes. Two freight elevators with 8,000 lb. and 20,000 lb. capacity are located on the west service corridor and have a stop at the arena concourse level. Goods lift available to concourse level.

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