How do I get to the MassMutual Center?

Please see our DIRECTIONS page.

What items are prohibited inside the MassMutual Center?


What are some hotels near the MassMutual Center?

Please see our HOTELS page.

Where are the restaurant choices near the MassMutual Center?

Please see our RESTAURANTS page.

How close is the MassMutual Center to Bradley International Airport?

The MassMutual Center is less than 20 minutes from Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Rental cars, taxis and bus service are all available.

Why should I book my event at the MassMutual Center?

The MassMutual Center offers meeting planners the three key ingredients for a successful event: a state-of-the-art convention facility, an experienced and hands-on services team to help plan every aspect of your program, and an accessible location that helps you attract more attendees. The MassMutual Center also offers thousands of nearby hotel rooms—with over 900 just steps away from the facility. And all of this is set in the New England gateway of Springfield, a vibrant city with a small-town feel that offers exciting possibilities for pre- and post-event activities and extracurricular programs.

How can I book my event at the MassMutual Center?

Please contact Debbie at 413.271.3222 or [email protected]

Where are the concessions located?

Please visit our Concessions page for a full list of concession items and locations.

Where are the bathrooms located?

Men's bathrooms are located behind Sections 9, 10, & 24. Women's bathrooms are located behind Sections 9, 22, & 27. Handicap accessible bathrooms are located behind Section 9. Family bathroom located behind Section 28.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child if they sit on my lap?

Children under two do not require a ticket for most events but will be required to sit on the lap of a paying customer.

Where do I go if I need assistance in the building?

In the arena, Guest Services is located behind Section 1 on the concourse.

If assistance is needed in the Convention Center, the Information Booth is located next to the entrance on the corner of Main St. & Bruce Landon Way (Formerly Falcons Way).

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