Benefits of Group Sales at the MassMutal Center    

Personal One-on-One Service

Our sales staff will process your orders by phone or in person via appointments. This one-on-one relationship with our experienced sales staff provides you with expert assistance in planning an enjoyable group outing!

Fundraising Opportunities

Organizations can raise money by purchasing tickets at a discounted rate and selling them at face value. We help many top organizations raise substantial funds through this program. Ask for more details on this unique fundraising opportunity by emailing our Group Sales Manager.

Advance Reservations Before Public Sale

Group Sales customers may call our office and place an order today for tickets that may not go on-sale for months to the public. Seating is based on a first-come, first-served system (accompanied by payment). You can reach our Group Sales Manager at 413.271.3259.

Prime Seating at a Discounted Rate

By ordering through the Group Sales Department you will be eligible for a discounted price on tickets for most shows. Discounts will only be available for select shows.

No Per Ticket Service Charge

When ordering tickets through the group Sales Department there is no Service Charge per Ticket. There is a $5.00 fee Per Order but no additional charges no matter how many tickets you purchase per order.

No Penalty for Changing Orders

As a group leader you may not know exactly how many tickets you will need. The Group Sales Program will allow you to purchase only the tickets that you need. You can place tickets on hold today for any event that is coming to the MassMutual Center in the future. The payment is due at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT (subject to availability). You only pay for the tickets that you need. In other words, if you order 50 tickets and you only need 46, you only pay for 46. It’s that simple! If you discover that you are going to need more tickets than what you originally placed on hold, just give us a call, and based on availability, we will place your tickets as close to the original order as possible.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are available for most shows to assist you with the publicity of the event in your organization. We can provide you with promotional copy for newsletters, along with posters, flyers and/or handouts.

Special Food and Beverage Opportunities

Pre- and Post-Event receptions and parties can be arranged for groups at select events. For more information contact the Group Sales Department  at 413.271.3259.

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