Exhibitor Guidelines

See the attached document for exhibitor guidelines at MassMutual Center. 

To ensure the safety and convenience of all involved with events at MassMutual Center, we have several rules and procedures to keep in mind. Here are a few exhibitor frequently asked questions to help you out.

Exhibitor FAQs

Does MassMutual Center Provide Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services are provided during event and non-event hours. Spaces included in these services are meeting areas, restrooms, entrance areas, lobbies, and corridors.

Are Any Materials Banned from Use in Decorations?

Confetti, glitter, and popcorn are not allowed in decorations. In fact, they are not allowed on the premises at all.

Can I Use Motorized Equipment Inside MassMutual Center?

Motorized equipment may only be used inside MassMutual Center with management’s prior written approval. This includes electric scooters and forklifts. Should this equipment be used in carpeted areas, exhibitors are responsible for taking steps to prevent damage to the flooring. Should flooring be damaged in any area, carpeted or otherwise, the exhibitor will be held responsible.

Can I Prop Open Dock Doors to Facilitate Unloading?

Unless you have the Director of Security’s prior authorization, you may not prop open doors. This includes entrances to both the loading and exterior dock areas.

Are Medical Facilities Available?

At a cost, MMC can provide access to its first aid facilities. These facilities are supervised by an EMT, who will be available during non-show as well as public hours.

Can I Use My Vehicle to Off-load?

Vehicles can be used for off-loading in the Exhibit Hall. However, there is no overnight staging allowed without special permission. All vehicles used in offloading require MMC approval and adherence to safety codes.

Can I Record My Event?

All audio and video recordings are banned, with the exception of MMC management’s written approval. There may be a fee charged once permission is given.

What are MMC’s Working Hours?

Working hours at MassMutual Center are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you desire to have extended working hours, the request must first be approved by management.

Have questions that weren’t answered in the exhibitor FAQs? Reach out to us by calling 413-787-6610 or contacting us online.