Jan 12 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and MassMutual Center Announce Outdoor Digital Marquees



Set to go live on Thursday, January 11


SPRINGFIELD, MA (January 10, 2024) – The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and the MassMutual Center are excited to announce that the outdoor digital marquees will go live on Thursday, January 11 at 4 p.m.  

There are two new outdoor digital marquees at the MassMutual Center.  A three-sided digital marquee will sit on the building at the corner of Main Street and Bruce Landon Way while the other digital marquee will sit on street level on Main Street.  Both will be revenue generating marquees and will promote upcoming events at the MassMutual Center as well as push messaging for the events, the building, and wayfinding. 

"We appreciate the investment that the MCCA continues to make in the MassMutual Center. This beautiful, State of the art digital marquee gives us new technology to play both static and visual commercials for both upcoming events and potential sponsors. It is a game changer. We are so excited for how this new addition can help continue driving excitement around Springfield and Western Massachusetts,” states Sean Dolan, General Manager of the MassMutual Center.

“We are thrilled with the launch of the Outdoor Digital Marquees. These state-of-the-art displays are a testament to our commitment not only to innovation, aesthetics, and quality, but also sustainability and environmental responsibility.  As the MMC continues to set a high standard for hosting events that bring people together and enrich lives, the technological versatility of the outdoor marquees will further promote and add to the overall experience for all visitors and stakeholders of downtown Springfield and Western Massachusetts,” said Gloria Larson, Interim Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

For more information on the MassMutual Center and upcoming events, please visit www.MassMutualCenter.com.