June 29 2020

8 Great Reasons To Reserve Space For Fall and Winter Events Right Now

Now that summer is on the way, it’s time to book your fall and winter events at MassMutual Center. While this may seem early, it’s essential that you schedule as soon as possible, especially if your meeting is large. Getting a spot early gives you all sorts of advantages — in fact, here are eight benefits of scheduling during the summer.

1. Get the Space You Want

MassMutual Center has a variety of rooms that can accommodate thousands of people. However, to get the area that best suits your needs, you have to act fast. There are many organizations looking to host holiday parties, training sessions, and other corporate events, and as the year progresses, they’ll be looking for the perfect space. Scheduling in the summer gives you a better chance of getting exactly the room you need.

2. Snag the Perfect Date

Certain dates are very popular for corporate meetings, especially as we near the holidays. The earlier you schedule, the more likely you are to get the dates you want. This is especially important if your event spans multiple days, as these are harder to coordinate.

3. Line up Vendors

If you’re organizing a large gathering, you’re not the only one who has to plan. Any vendors you hire for catering or entertainment will need to know the place, date, and time of your event. This also goes for guest speakers.

4. Check Your Technology

Most corporate meetings use some kind of technology, from sound equipment to projectors. Once you’ve scheduled your event, you can work with the venue’s engineers to understand the location’s technical capabilities. For example, MassMutual Center offers lighting, sound, and power for technological equipment.

5. Plan for Contingencies

Anyone who does event planning knows that the risk of things going wrong is high; there are just so many moving parts, it’s impossible to guarantee everything goes perfectly. However, this isn’t an issue if you started getting your ducks in a row early on. The earlier you get details settled, the more time you have to plan for contingencies.

6. Reduce Stress on Staff

If you’re organizing a corporate gathering, you’re probably not the only one working on event planning. There are many decisions that can’t be made until a location is set, which puts pressure on the staff trying to make arrangements. By scheduling a space early, you can alleviate stress at your company and give staff the benefits of settling their own responsibilities early on.

7. Brand Your Event

Event branding is an essential part of any gathering, as it helps promote your meeting and lets guests set expectations. Before you can work on a branding campaign, however, you need to know the event’s location, since that will have a huge impact on the atmosphere and service. For example, when you book a space at MassMutual Center, you know you can create a professional, fun, or educational atmosphere and the service is always exemplary.

8. Give Guests Time To Make Accommodations

You want to let guests know the place and date of your meeting as soon as possible so they can make the necessary arrangements. This is especially true if you expect a lot of attendees from out of town. When you book a place such as MassMutual Center, for example, guests can stay at one of the many nearby hotels.

Need a place to host your fall and winter events in 2020? MassMutual Center is the number one place for corporate meetings, educational seminars, and large scale celebrations. For more information, give us a call at 413-787-6610 or contact us online.